Monday, 17 May 2010

Ideas of pretty toys from textiles

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Bear in colours

Мишка в цветах - игрушка

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Toy - a snail from упоковки from eggs


Thursday, 13 May 2010


сад камней. Настольный
Traditional Japanese rock-garden - a sandy surface and the stones located in a certain order.
It is very beautiful landscape where to fit well in a solitude and to indulge in meditations.
Buddhist monks were engaged in meditation not only beholding such beauty,
but also being engaged in its creation.
Try also you with the child to think up the unique landscape without leaving the house.
Before work, show to the child of a photo of gardens, admire together Japanese landscapes.
And that with some difficulty then in process will explain that actually we try to represent.

Cardboard box, a decoy, a pebble, needles branches, a plug, a shovel, an interline interval.

The instruction on creation
Our desktop Japanese garden is arranged in their cardboard square box under sweets.

As filling we took usual to a decoy.

For drawing on a croup we used a plastic small fork,

and for sand levelling - a plastic shovel for pancakes.

To level all surface - a ruler on the size of a box.

Stones - a sea pebble. Coniferous trees - small branches of the present fur-tree.
We have made a fence and a small bench
of interline interval slices sticking together their super glue,
but it is possible to make and of matches.
After we have stuck together small architectural forms
(a fence and a bench)
to us the idea that is not obligatory also a Japanese garden to do has come.
It is possible to make their matches Russian felling, and needles to us approaches on a climate.
So be not limited to Japan - include imagination.

Настольный сад камней своими руками

In work with four-year the child, it was necessary to explain some time that it not a sandbox

and to pour here to a decoy from the form into a box it is not necessary.

To dig a shovel too it is undesirable, and stones to dig in are not present necessity.

Some time learnt to draw a plug. Not so it is simple, as it seems.
At Japanese on this case - a special rake. Spend them grooves without pressing them,
and by gravity rake.
With a plug the same situation - it is not obligatory to press it into sand,
it is necessary to drive simply it on a surface, and it is desirable exactly.

The most difficult - to draw traditional equal circles round stones.
By the way, it is possible to draw also a toothpick.

Nice a monogram and craters a plug you will not draw, and here a sharp stick - most that.

Настольный сад камней своими руками

Wednesday, 12 May 2010